Cuomo says he isn't dating anyone, doesn't have free time

Andrew Cuomo
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By 1010 WINS

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Gov. Andrew Cuomo's dating status is a topic of interest among "Cuomosexuals" -- a term used to describe those who are fond of the lawmaker -- so for those of you who fall into this category, here's an update: He says he's single

During an interview with WAMC Northeast Public Radio in Albany, Cuomo, 62, was asked how he spends his free time, now that he's dropped regular daily briefings.

"There's not a lot of free time," Cuomo responded.

Interviewer Alan Chartock continued to pry, "Now, that you have a little more time, are you dating anybody in particular?"

"No," responds Cuomo, whose relationship with Sandra Lee ended last years after 14 years together. He was previously married to Kerry Kennedy, with whom he has three daughters.

Cuomo then jokingly said to Chartock, "What happened to the woman who you were recommending?"

A relentless Chartock asked one more time, "What about that? You got anybody?"

"No," Cuomo said.

In April, when asked by 1010 WINS' Susan Richard about his reaction to being named by a survey as one of the most eligible bachelors, he responded "Well Susan, I did not see that, but now that you raise that, most wanted eligibility, my brother is married, I am not married, so I don't think he would qualify as eligible-- however I am eligible."