‘Doesn’t seem fair’: Congestion pricing kicks in Saturday

By 1010 WINS

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) – Taxis and for-hire vehicles cost more in Manhattan starting Saturday after the congestion pricing increase kicked in.

The new congestion pricing means if riders take an Uber or a Lyft car south of 96th Street in Manhattan, they’ll have to pay an extra $2.75. If they take a yellow cab, it’s an extra $2.50.

The congestion fee is expected to raise $1 million a day for the crumbling subway system.

Drivers have protested the fare hikes, calling it a “suicide tax” in a nod to all the drivers who have committed suicide over financial strain. But the drivers are also getting a minimum wage increase Saturday that’s expected to raise the average full-time driver’s pay by about $9,600 a year.

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Yellow cab driver John believes drivers will ultimately lose money.

“People are going to find some other means of going around instead of taking the taxi,” John said.

Jeff, a rider, told 1010 WINS he wasn’t happy about paying the extra charge for taking a yellow cab.

“That sucks,” he said. “That doesn’t seem fair.”