Chasten Buttigieg speaks to NYU students: 'Pete kind of changed the trajectory of my life quite dramatically'

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Photo credit Twitter/Chasten Buttigieg
By 1010 WINS

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Just hours after Pete Buttigieg and his husband Chasten Buttigieg became the toast of the Twittersphere because of their "First Family" Time magazine cover, Chasten headed to NYU Thursday afternoon to speak to the school's Democrat group. 

As an ice-breaker, Chasten asked the students in the filled room to stand up and introduce themselves to two people they didn't know. "This is the best part about campaigning ... is getting up and meeting new people," he said. "If anything, you will walk away knowing two new people."

"Pete kind of changed the trajectory of my life quite dramatically," Chasten, a teacher, said of his Democratic presidential candidate husband. "I taught at a Montesorri school in South Bend for awhile and Pete's star kept rising. And here were are. So I decided to leave teaching in January and become a full-time campaign spouse." 

He added, "I made a conscious choice to leave behind something I loved doing, something I was very comfortable doing, for the campaign trail," "Because I knew I was doing something that mattered."

When asked about how he's liking life on the campaign trail, he said, "It's great. Like I said, I love meeting new people. Ali is my new assistant ... I feel me and Ali do all the fun things and Pete has to do all the boring things."

Chasten also spoke about being gay in his hometown of Travese City, Michigan. "It wasn't the easiest place to grow up," he said.