Feeling down? A professional 'cuddlist' can help you reconnect with yourself

By 1010 WINS

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- There are a variety of ways to get touched for money in New York -- not all of them legal -- but some people are cuddling for cash.

Without the human touch 'cuddlist' Brianna says we may not feel like ourselves.

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"Separation, just feeling alone, disconnection from our own bodies," she said.

She's a natural born cuddler, and now works as a therapeutist for cuddlist.com. She says most of her clients are middle aged men who are widowed, divorced, and disconnected. They're reluctant cuddlers who need to ease in to the cuddle.

"It doesn't start with a full body spoon, we can have a conversation, we sit next to each other, maybe we hold hands," she said.

Brianna says we're cuddled as children, and that doesn't need to stop as we get older.