DNC Day 4 lineup: Biden, Bloomberg, Buttigieg, Booker, Baldwin – plus John Legend, The Chicks, Common perform

Pete Buttigieg
Photo credit Kelsey Kremer/The Register
By 1010 WINS

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- The Democratic National Convention kicks off its fourth and final night Thursday, with a lineup that of course includes Democratic presidential nominees Joe Biden, but also a handful of candidates who campaigned again Biden, including Pete Buttigieg, Michael Bloomberg, Cory Booker and Andrew Yang.

The theme of Thursday’s program is "America’s Promise." In describing this theme, the DNC explains, "The measure of a president is the same as the measure of a person: What principles guide them? How do they handle adversity? Being president doesn’t change who you are—it reveals who you are. Joe Biden is a good man who believes in the promise of America, and as president, he will deliver on that promise for all."

Highlights from tonight’s program are listed below, according to the DNC


“This Time Next Year”A collection of everyday Americans and prominent leaders share where they want to be this time next year—when Joe Biden is president. 

RemarksAndrew YangAmerican businessman

IntroductionJulia Louis-DreyfusAmerican actress

Pledge of AllegianceCedric Richmond, Jr.Son of The Honorable Cedric Richmond, Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Louisiana

National AnthemThe ChicksNatalie Maines, Martie Erwin Maguire, and Emily Strayer

InvocationSister Simone CampbellAmerican Roman Catholic Religious Sister

RemarksThe Honorable Chris CoonsUnited States Senator, Delaware

RemarksThe Honorable Keisha Lance BottomsMayor of Atlanta, Georgia

A Tribute to John LewisDirected by Dawn Porter

PerformanceJohn LegendAmerican singer-songwriterCommonAmerican rapper, actor, and writer

RemarksJon MeachamAmerican writer and author

RemarksThe Honorable Deb HalaandMember of the U.S. House of Representatives, New Mexico

RemarksThe Honorable Alex PadillaCalifornia Secretary of StateThe Honorable Jocelyn BensonMichigan Secretary of State

RemarksThe Honorable Cory BookerUnited States Senator, New Jersey

“You Built America”: A Conversation on the Economy with Vice President BidenJoe Biden listens to, and engages with, union workers around how to build an economy that rewards work.

RemarksDr. Vivek MurthyFormer Surgeon General of the United States

RemarksThe Honorable Tammy BaldwinUnited States Senator, Wisconsin

The Biden Plan: Military FamiliesA video that focuses on Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden’s deep commitment to military families.

RemarksThe Honorable Tammy DuckworthUnited States Senator, Illinois

A Tribute to Beau BidenA video that focuses on the remarkable life and career of Beau Biden.

RemarksThe Honorable Pete ButtigiegFormer Mayor of South Bend, Indiana

“United We Stand”Joe Biden through the eyes of those who ran against him in 2020—featuring Senator Cory Booker, Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Former Congressman Beto O’Rourke, Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Andrew Yang.

RemarksThe Honorable Michael BloombergFormer Mayor of New York City, New York

The Biden GrandchildrenA video focused on Joe Biden’s family—and in particular his grandchildren, and their close bond.

RemarksThe Biden ChildrenAshley Biden and Hunter Biden tell us about their father. 

Biden Introduction The story of Joe Biden’s life, up to this moment—from his parents, to his upbringing, to his greatest challenges, to his biggest successes, to the type of leader, father, husband, and person that he is.

RemarksThe Honorable Joe Biden2020 Democratic Nominee for President of the United StatesFormer Vice President of the United States