1010 WINS Interview: Dr. Phil has tips for coping with loneliness, isolation during coronavirus outbreak

By 1010 WINS

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Dr. Phil McGraw called 1010 WINS on Friday to discuss a few coronavirus topics and answer some questions.

"The symptoms that you have when you have anxiety, for example - high anxiety or a panic attack actually mimic a lot of the symptoms of the coronavirus," McGraw told 1010 WINS anchor Bridgett Quinn. "For example: shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, some disorientation, lightheadedness and all," McGraw said.

In addition to having the sniffles that may just be allergies, people are having anxiety reactions that they think, "Now it's advanced to the point that I am having difficulty breathing and this has moved into my chest. 'I do think I have this disorder,'" McGraw added.

ANd while people may be panicking, McGraw said he is in no way trivializing this dirsorder at all and is complying 100 percent to social distancing orders and social isolation. However, he saidhe is trying to get the message out to people that, "We don't react to what happens in the world, we react to what we say to ourselves about it."

"It's also not the right thing to do to obessess with these 24-hour news channels because there is a bias there. There is a bias -- they talk about the sensational things, the negative things and the fact is that 85 percent of the people that contract this disorder are going to have mild to moderate symptoms and then they're going to get back to their lives."

McGraw also said forced togetherness is the "perfect storm" for problems within a relationship and offered tips on how to cope with isolation and loneliness.

"You're not in this alone," McGraw said. Social distancing doesn't mean you have to be lonely, McGraw added.

He advised people to call their church, reach out to their neighbors and said to go outside. "You just don't want to violate someone's personal space which right now is six or eight feet," McGraw said.

"The best way to fill the void that you have is to give way what you need the most," he added.