Ghislaine Maxwell asks to be moved to jail's general population: report

By 1010 WINS

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Jeffrey Epstein confidante Ghislaine Maxwell has asked to be moved into a Brooklyn jail’s general population, with her attorney claiming she is currently being held in “uniquely onerous conditions,” according to a report.

In a letter filed in Manhattan Federal Court on Monday, attorney Christian Everdell claimed guards at the Metropolitan Detention Center, where Maxwell is being held, “constantly observe Ms. Maxwell and take notes on her every activity, including her phone conversations with defense counsel,” the Daily News reported

“Until recently, Ms. Maxwell was subjected to suicide watch protocols, including being woken up every few hours during the night and being forced to wear special clothing, despite the fact that she, unlike Mr. Epstein, has never been suicidal and was never diagnosed as exhibiting factors for suicide,” Everdell wrote. 

Maxwell should be moved to the jail’s general population, as her current treatment is “a reaction to the circumstances surrounding the pretrial detention and death of Mr. Epstein,” Everdell added. 

Maxwell is currently being held alone at the jail, and is separate from other female inmates, according to the outlet. 

In July, she pleaded not guilty to charges that she recruited girls for Epstein to sexually abuse. She is being held without bail, and her trial is set for July 12, 2021.