VIDEO: Lawsuit filed against NYC Housing Authority, citing substandard living conditions

By 1010 WINS

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- A class action lawsuit was filed on Wednesday against the New York City Housing Authority.

The suit, which was brought on by NYCHA residents, accuses the city of severe neglect and creating substandard living conditions at apartment units across the five boroughs.

NYCHA lawsuit

The action seeks rent abatement and damages for the "decrepit and often unlivable conditions at many city-owned properties", whihc have push residents to spend out of their own pockets for basic services that NYCHA is legally responsible for providing, according to a statement.

Berg & Androphy law firm filed the action and details a long list of misery inflicted on NYCHA residents including prolonged shut-downs of gas, proliferating mold, severe water damage, uncontrolled rodent and insect infestation, elevator outages, and broken intercoms and security cameras.

NYCHA lawsuit


Rampant elevator outages trap physically challenged or wheelchair-bound NYCHA tenants in their apartments. Proliferating mold, often caused by pervasive leaks, causes or exacerbates asthma and forces tenants to buy inhalers, while untreated insect and rodent infestations compel them to purchase traps, poison, and cats.

The suit also alleges that residents have gone without gas or a stove for months and appeals to NYCHA for legally required service or repairs are notanswered in a timely manner, if answered at all.

NYCHA lawsuit

New York’s five boroughs – an estimated 400,000 New Yorkers reside in NYCHA housing, including many elderly.

NYCHA was named NYC’s "worst landlord" for a second straight year in 2019 by New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams.

NYCHA’s management admtted that it concealed the extensive failures from government inspectors while drawing as much as $1 billion in annual HUD funding.

The Berg & Androphy complaint cites a NYCHA tenant who compared city-owned residential housing to "a third-world country."

"New Yorkers should be outraged at how terribly NYCHA has treated the tenants of its properties," said Berg & Androphy New York partner Jenny Kim. "NYCHA has breached its contracts with its tenants and acted with an appalling lack of care, ethics, and empathy. It is well past time to hold the agency accountable."

NYCHA lawsuit

The Berg & Androphy complaint cites a NYCHA tenant who compared city-owned residential housing to "a third-world country."

NYCHA is estimated to house as many as 7 percent of New York City residents and almost a fifth of NYCHA tenants are ages 62 or older, the complaint says. They cited that a March 2018 sampling of 225 public housing apartments found that 212, or 94%, had at least one severe condition that could pose a health hazard to residents.

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