Animal activists slam helicopter company for 'reckless' dog tours over NYC

Helicopter New York City
Photo credit iStock/Getty Images
By 1010 WINS

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) – Sen. Chuck Schumer and animal rights activists are slamming a helicopter company that is giving discounts to fliers who bring their dogs along for an aerial tour of the city.

Schumer hammered FlyNYON as “reckless” at a press conference Sunday, saying the company was putting the lives of dogs at risk.

“No dog’s dream is to fly 1000 feet above the ground, doors dangerously off their helicopter, strapped into an uncomfortable harness, helicopter blades whirling loudly just above,” the senator wrote on Twitter.

Schumer retweeted a promotional video from FlyNYON that was part of the tour company’s partnership with pet-rescue operation Pilots N Paws. If owners bring their dogs aboard they can get a discount of 50 percent off their tickets, according to the New York Post.