Trump incorrectly states there's an AIDS vaccine

Donald Trump
Photo credit Drew Angerer/Getty Images
By 1010 WINS

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- President Trump incorrectly stated on Tuesday during a Rose Garden speech that there is an AIDS vaccine. 

While praising the scientific community for its work on coronavirus, Trump said, "We're making tremendous progress. I deal with these incredible scientists, doctors, very, very closely, I have great respect for their minds. They have come up with things, and they have come up with many other cures and therapeutics over the years. These are the people, the best, the smartest, the most brilliant anywhere."

He continued, “And they’ve come up with the AIDS vaccine."

For the record, and according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, there is no vaccine for AIDS or HIV. 

Trump then tried to backtrack it seemed, saying, "Or the AIDS -- and as you know, there are various things, and now various companies are involved -- but the therapeutic for AIDS. AIDS was a death sentence, and now people live a life with a pill. It's an incredible thing."