Jersey City to Declare May 25 'Black Lives Matter Day'

Jersey City BLM
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JERSEY CITY, N.J. (1010 WINS) -- Jersey City's council approved a resolution declaring May 25 "Black Lives Matter Day" in honor of George Floyd, the man who was killed in police custody on that day in Minneapolis, sparking protests across the nation.

On that day, New Jersey's second-largest city will encourage "all citizens to work to end systemic racism/white supremacy and to use the day to remember all of those who lost their lives as victims of racism and remember the ongoing struggle for justice and equality.

"May 25th was the day the world took notice that black lives mattered," said City Councilman Jermaine Robinson, who introduced the resolution. "No one really understood it except us. And so May 25 became the day that everyone understood that black lives matter and make sure that this goes down in history. Every year on May 25, we will be celebrating in Jersey City."

Jersey City itself already amended its "Use of Force" orders in regards to police.

A resolution establishing an advisory committee to review the Jersey City Police Department's policies and procedures relating to police enforcement and discrimination was also approved.

In addition, the first Friday in June to be "National Gun Violence Awareness Day."