2 NYPD officers fired after separate incidents of alleged assault, theft

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NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Two police officers who were arrested in separate incidents have been fired, the NYPD confirmed.

According to a police spokesperson, Detective Samuel Lallave and Officer Jason Holloway were both "dismissed from the NYPD," following their arrests.

Holloway, who was the union delegate for the 88th Precinct was arrested on charges of attacking his girlfriend when she suggested they seek couples counseling in February 2018.

According to the Daily News, Holloway was accused of storming into his girlfriend’s home in the Marlboro Houses in Gravesend, Brooklyn drunk at about 2 a.m. Feb. 20, 2018, and demanding she answer, “Where does our relationship stand?"

When his girlfriend, a state corrections officer, suggested they seek counseling, he allegedly blew up prompting her to run into the bathroom and lock the door.

Police allege he then kicked the door, ripping it from its hinges. He then fell on her and she hit her head on a footstool, causing a gash that needed seven stitches and two staples to close, the report adds.

Holloway fled the city after the assualt, but he was later tracked down in East Stroudsberg, Penn. by officers with the Regional Fugitive Task Force.

Officer Lallave, 53, was issued a desk appearance ticket after he was accused of stealing while on duty in Bushwick last August.

The 32-year veteran was immediately suspended following his arrest for petty larceny on the job after an Internal Affairs investigation.