What You Need to Know About Advertising on Facebook

Social Media
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By Small Business Pulse

If you're going to advertise on any platform, including Facebook, you have to first consider what you want in terms of results. It's not like the print ads of old, touting a sale on refrigerators and hoping homeowners flock in to clean out your inventory.

Who is your target audience?
As with any advertising, you must know your target audience. Is it the 18 to 35 year old age group or perhaps is it seniors? Single folks or families? Is your target audience people who live where it snows or those who reside in warmer climate? Does your product or service appeal to people who love to cook or those needing prepared meals delivered? You want to advertise to people with similar interests near your town, across the country or even throughout world, if your company is international in scope. Facebook is your introduction to 2.45 billion people who use the social media platform every month.

Becoming engaged
When advertising on Facebook, you need to think in terms of "engagement" with your target audience. The likes and comments about your ads are interactive connections with your target audience that help build business relationships with your customers. Facebook takes much of the work out the advertising equation by helping you find your target audience based on behaviors, interests and demographics such as age and location. And since over two billion people are using the social media platform every month, you'll need that help.

You should upload your customer contact list to connect with them on Facebook, which will in turn, find others on Facebook similar to them. Facebook’s Ads Manager makes it easy to target people based on demographics, location, purchase behaviors and interests such as a love for superhero films or decorating. It's your starting point to advertising on Facebook. You can also take free online courses to learn how to reach the greatest number of people in your target audience.

How much?
Surprisingly, this may be the easiest step because you can advertise on Facebook no matter your budget. Take a look at pricing and learn how to set a budget that works for you.

You've advertised. What now?
Once you've advertised on Facebook, carefully track the analytics. Some people advertise on Facebook and wonder why they don't reach higher engagement, when often it is due to a sub-par ad. Consider the fact that countless businesses are using Facebook to advertise, therefore it is imperative that your ad stands out on the most saturated social media platform.

Facebook offer insights that are detailed so you can determine why people are clicking on your ad, but more importantly why they are not clicking on your ad. This allows you to fine-tune your next campaign. Take a look at appealing ads to get inspired and see how businesses like yours are successfully advertising on Facebook.