VIDEO: Maskless Democratic state rep. crowd-surfs at Georgia Trump rally

Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones
Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones Photo credit Twitter/@RoxBomBox

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones disregarded CDC COVID-19 guidelines Friday when he dove into the crowd at a Trump rally in Macon and crowd-surfed -- and neither the Democratic lawmaker nor most of the people carrying him through the crowd work masks.

“Yes, I surfed that crowd!” Jones, who announced his support of Trump at the Republican National Convention, said about being passed around by a sea of MAGA-hat wearing Trump supporters. "To the haters – stay mad! You’ll be even more mad come 3 November.”

"Surfing with @realDonaldTrump #deplorables and #PeacefulProtesters in Macon, GA. Put Georgia in the win column," Jones tweeted. "We were seven thousand plus strong. This #trumptrain is about to steam roll over corrupt @JoeBiden, #fakeliberalnews, and the @DNC #FeelTheVern!"

Twitter lit up, with most people slamming Jones for ignoring common COVID-19 social protocals.

Former Lieutenant General Mark Hertling, a CNN military analyst, tweeted, "Gotta hand it to some for finding new ways to spread COVID. For those who may not know, crowd surfing during a pandemic is NOT a CDC recommendation."