Boomer & Gio's Moment of the Day 1/21/2021: Schmooze Gets That Nut


Schmoozer the rapper?

Steve Somers went “down the rabbit hole” of Deshaun Watson’s Twitter account during his show early Thursday morning and started dissecting some rap lyrics, a clip C-Lo played to set up the Moment of the Day of Boomer & Gio looking deeper into the situation.

“I’m looking at some of this…I’m glad Somers didn’t get to this one,” Gio laughed, before launching into his Schmooze impression.

“He’s got a song called “Every Day We Lit” off the album “Long Live Nut,” The Schmooze-anotti spoke as the entire crew laughed. “Fliegelman, go get this album “Long Live Nut.” We’ll use it as bumper music, and that will attract Deshaun Watson to the Jets! And don’t forget the 1-877…”

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