Boomer and Gio's Moment of the Day 11/25/2020: Baseball history with Rickie Ricardo

By WFAN Sports Radio 101.9 FM/66AM New York

Rickie, you got some ‘splainin’ to do!

The overnight show early Wednesday morning provided some unintentional laughs, as Rickie Ricardo took the hosting reins and couldn’t remember the name of a guy who won a batting title in both leagues in the early 1900s…and then jumped off a bridge.

“It was like, he had won the batting title, and then jumped off the bridge! Thank you, what a great season I had…ahhhhhhhh!” Gio barely got out between belly laughs.

“Sounds like when you do Mad Dog when he gives facts about people,” Al chimed in.

And, on Turkey Day eve, here comes Gio Russo.

“Won the AL batting title, won the NL batting title, killed himself jumping off a bridge,” Mad Gregg blurted. “Hit .350 in 1908, got close to .400 in 1909, and then got intoxicated on a train pushed into Niagara Falls. Very weird career, Dude Esterbrook.”

Gio then laughed about Rickie hoping producer Pat Boyle would find the name – which he did, kinda, because “it wasn’t Dude Esterbrook.”

He efforted it, but it’s actually Ed Delahanty – use Google for us one time, will ya WFAN’s Pat Boyle?

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