Boomer & Gio's Moment of the Day 12/1/2020: McChuggin' Along


Everybody has their admirers…and for Al Dukes, there's none bigger than Ernie McChuggins.

Al is becoming quite the watchdog (or pain in the rear, depending on who you ask) down there in Bradley Beach, and especially on the Bradley Beach Facebook group – which is where Mr. McChuggins revealed himself as Al’s No. 1 fan, after Al solved yet another Bradley Beach problem.

“Is this guy Ernie McChuggins a real guy, Al?” Gio asked. “I’m thinking Ernie McChuggins got into this group by duping the admin! He says, ‘Al, I have also felt uneasy with fear about this stretch of the boardwalk. I’m new to the community so I was unsure if this is just the way it is. Thank you so much for addressing this, as I did not have the bravery to bring it up. You are doing God’s work!’”

“That’s a troll right there!” C-Lo chimed in, and when he reference how Joe would call him “one of the greats,” Gio sprung into action.

“McChuggins bro, one of the all-time greats,” Gio Benigno crowed. “It was me, Al in White Plains, Ernie McChuggins, Ox from Montvale…we all went to the Jet game that day, brutal.”

All Boomer could do was laugh, and when the clip was replayed, Gio had one last thought.

“I do think it’s hilarious that this admin was on alert for all the WFAN people trying to get in, and Ernie McChuggins slips through the cracks.”

Al Dukes, Junior Mayor of Bradley Beach!

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