NFC East Doomsday update: How the Giants can still win the division with four wins


Remember a few weeks ago when Greg Tartaglia of the Bergen Record came up with the ultimate doomsday scenario for the NFC East, where there could theoretically be a four-way tie at 4-11-1 atop the division come January 3?

That’s not feasible anymore, but there’s still a chance that four wins could somehow win the division – and it’s possible that all it will take for the Giants to win is one more victory…or even just a tie, and a three-way 4-11-1 tie.


Before Week 17, when the Eagles play Washington and the Giants play the Cowboys, the only remaining intra-division game is Philly vs. Dallas in Week 16. So, assuming that the every other game is a loss for the NFC East, the standings could look like this going into Week 17:

PHILLY WINS WEEK 16: Philly 4-10-1, New York 4-11, Washington 4-11, Dallas 3-12
DALLAS WINS WEEK 16: New York 4-11 (4-1 division), Washington/Dallas 4-11 (3-2), Philly 3-11-1
WEEK 16 TIE: New York 4-11 (tiebreaker over WSH), Washington 4-11, Philly 3-10-2, Dallas 3-11-1

In scenario A, Week 17 wins for the Giants and WFT would give the Giants the division at 5-11, as they own the tiebreaker over Washington. A Philly win gives them the division no matter what, and wins for Dallas and WFT sends the division title to 5-11 DC.

In scenario B, a pair of ties means 4-11-1 New York is your champion. Highly unlikely, but again, the Giants control their own destiny, as a win gives them the division no matter what, and they could still win a three-way tie at 4-11-1 if they tie Dallas and Philly beats Washington.

As for scenario C? All hell could break loose, but think of it this way: wins for the Eagles and Cowboys would give all four teams four wins each, but 4-10-2 Philly would beat out 4-11-1 Dallas and two 4-12 teams for the playoff spot.

There are a lot of other scenarios within each of those other scenarios, thanks to the possibilities of ties, but it’s 2020 man…so expect the unexpected.

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