Eagles' garbage-time touchdown and 2-point conversion costs bettor $500,000


In Week 11, a Philadelphia Eagles garbage-time touchdown to tight end Dallas Goedert checked one of ten boxes in a ridiculous ten-leg parlay that helped convert a bettor's $3 wage into a handsome $15,000 reward.

$3 into $15,000... that's +500,000 odds. Insanity! In Week 12, a garbage-time touchdown to a tight end in an Eagles game also involved a figure of 500,000. This time, though, it wasn't so fortunate for the bettor.

Down two touchdowns to the Seahawks, Carson Wentz padded his stats in another abysmal showing by launching a Hail Mary to tight end Richard Rodgers with just 12 ticks left on the game clock.

Miles Sanders then punched in the two-point conversion, and it all amounted to nothing for the Eagles. They still lost, they're still a lost franchise, and Carson Wentz probably lost some more support from his fan base despite this admittedly nice last-second heave.

But because the score went from 23-9 to 23-17, diminishing the Seahawks' 14-point lead to just six points, it allowed the Eagles to cover the 6.5-point spread. And though that helped the bettors who, for some reason, put their faith in the Eagles to keep it a close game, it hurt Seahawks backers — one in particular — in an unfathomable way.

Talk about a bad beat. 12 seconds left, no reason to go for anything that gutsy and no reason to think that the Eagles have the ability and/or talent to complete such a play in the first place. To make matters worse, Philly only had a 38.46 percent success rate on two-point conversions prior to Sanders' score. Can't you just imagine the bettor being a spiteful Eagles fan, too, willing to risk it all to watch his/her favorite team plummet against the Seahawks so that he/she can at least benefit from it with a big chunk of change?

Whether that's the case, or if it was an overconfident Seahawks fan, or just a neutral bystander looking to make a casual half-million-dollar profit, the Eagles continue to frustrate fans in many, many ways.

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