5 Bouquets for Valentine’s Day That Have Nothing to Do with Flowers!

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By 103.7 KISS-FM

Many of us have been there. You're likely either in a long-term relationship where you have gotten each other everything under the sun or you're in a newish relationship and don’t quite know what to do for Valentine’s Day. Flowers are a staple of this holiday of love. But what about those that are allergic or simply just don't like receiving flowers in general (and no, I'm not talking about the people that say no to flowers, but secretly want flowers... if you find yourself in that situation, good luck to you).

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If you ditch the flowers but keep the bouquet, there are surprisingly a lot of options that you'll find on pinterest (let alone the rest of the internet). So, if you need a last-minute idea, here we go:

1. Breadsticks Bouquet

Okay, stay with me on this one. Olive Garden has put together a “Bouquet of Breadsticks” as part of their take-out option that you can do on Valentine’s Day. Olive Garden breadsticks? Don't mind if I do! Oh, and I guess I can share them with my date.

2. Chicken Nuggets Bouquet

Unlike with what Olive Garden is offering, some assembly may be required for this one. KFC and Chick-fil-A are at war over chicken sandwiches, but one could gain an edge with a bouquet of chicken nuggies! Where would you get your nuggets from? I’m personally a Wendy’s guy.

3. Bacon Bouquet

Bacon is always the way to my heart. This is the BEST option for everyone (well, unless you're vegetarian or vegan - maybe try facon or however you spell fake bacon). PLUS, you can totally curl bacon up to look like roses!

4. Cupcake Bouquet

Speaking of food that could look like flowers, cupcakes! Yes, the more skilled bakers can frost a bunch of cupcakes to make it look like a flower bouquet, but it would definitely TASTE better, and honestly, look better on the kitchen counter.

5. Candy/Chocolate Bouquet

It's another classic. Making an arrangement out of chocolate or whatever their favorite candy is shows that you listen. Listening is still important, right? If it's a new relationship, you should probably skip out on creating a Ring-Pop bouquet, may send the wrong message with that!

6. Edible Arrangements

Okay, I couldn't stop at five, this one felt a little too obvious. Edible Arrangements are already pretty well known and can range from cookies to chocolate-covered fruits. But hey, if you’re really trying to avoid flowers, this could be a good choice!

Well, there you have it, five (well, six) bouquets for the special someone in your life.


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