5 ways to celebrate Milwaukee day - 4/14 - from a safe social distance

414 in MKE!!
By 103.7 KISS-FM

This started off being a Spring Break article. As an intern, Spring Break was normally circled on my calendar every year. However, this year it was a little different. Like everyone else (hopefully), I stayed here for the week. Not one to want to miss a party though, I did find that Milwaukee Day was coming up. I can hear you now, “Chris…What is Milwaukee Day?”

Milwaukee Day is celebrated every year on April 14th. Why that day? Because it’s 4-14, the area code for Milwaukee. While the northern counties get their days in July and September and Madison gets theirs in June, Milwaukee Day is something special. There are parties and get togethers and concerts and pretty much everything someone would expect from the city that hosts Summerfest. Obviously this year it’s not going to be like that. That does not mean that we can’t celebrate Milwaukee. Here are five ways you can show your Milwaukee love. Let me know on Facebook if I forgot any.


LIght the night Milwaukee


There you have it! You can thank me by hooking me up with some Purple Door ice cream. (OOOHH...There’s another place to go to while you are wandering the 3rd Ward!)--Chris Witt (AKA KISS Intern)



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