Queen Guitarist Brian May Lashes Out at 'Disrespectful' Cameraman

Watch what happened at an Australian airport

Queen guitarist Brian May is thanking fans for their support in the aftermath of a run-in he had with a cameraman.

May arrived at the airport in Brisbane this week to begin the Australian leg of the Queen + Adam Lambert tour, which includes a benefit concert for wildfires relief. As May was heading to a car, there were some people he wanted to see and at least one he clearly didn’t.

While the 72-year-old was signing autographs and posing for pictures with fans, a local TV news cameraman drew his ire. May asked the man to stop recording but he initially wouldn’t.

“You put this down or else something ugly happens, do you understand?” May said via 7News.

The cameraman put his camera away but resumed filming with a phone, which May allegedly went after with his hand.

“You’re clever aren’t you?” May said. “What a parasite you are. Just leave us alone will you. Do you not understand?”

May apologized to the fans as he left the airport and later issued a lengthy explanation on Instagram. He said he was straddling a line between anger and depression about what happened.

“I’m not exactly known for being aggressive, even in the face of provocation, but this guy caught me unawares – one of the rudest and most disrespectful video cameramen I’ve ever encountered,” May said.  “As we drove out of the airport, I noticed a small group of young kids with Queen albums, waving a welcome. I find it hard to just drive by in a case like this.”

“Pressed up against the kids was a guy with a huge TV camera. I’d noticed him, obviously, but I had no idea who he was – whether he was part of the party of kids, or a third party. I just let him film for the few moments I was signing the albums. But these kids were clearly very moved by the meeting, and I felt they deserved to have a few moments NOT being filmed for public sharing. So, in the nicest possible way, I turned to the cameraman and asked if he’d stop filming, now he’d got his story, and give us some private moments.”

“He refused. He kept on filming, and aggressively turned the camera close-up on my face. That, to me, felt like deliberate invasion of my space, and downright unfriendly. At that moment, everything changed.”

The cameraman is actually said to be a Queen fan. Maybe his favorite song is “Don’t Stop Me Now” and he got confused. But there has been no comment from 7News.

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