Arnold Schwarzenegger Buys ‘Terminator’ Pipe From Fan on Social Media


Arnold Schwarzenegger can’t get enough of “Terminator” swag.

The 73-year-old saw that a fan carved a pipe shaped like his cyborg character in the iconic movie franchise and simply had to have it, reported People.

Reddit user RadonLab shared an image of his creation to the website and noted he made it for the action hero’s birthday in July.

It eventually got the attention of Schwarzenegger who tweeted, "Wow. This is fantastic. It is beautiful. Would you sell this to me?"

The excited fan replied to the “Terminator” star: “I would like to give you this pipe. it would be a great honor for me. How can I contact you?”

Wanting to make sure he paid for the memorabilia in some form, Schwarzenegger made a counter offer.

"If you insist on giving it to me, I insist on sending you back a signed photo of me using it (Now that it’s 2020 I just sign things on my machine and send in email if that works for you),” the actor replied.

Radon later shared a signed image of the bodybuilding legend smoking the pipe with the following message written across it, "To Radon, Thank you for the great pipe. Arnold Schwarzenegger."

It may have been a birthday present for Schwarzenegger, but Radon disclosed he felt like the one who received a gift.

"This is probably the best day of my life," the excited fan wrote of his brush with Hollywood royalty on Instagram. "I'm very happy and it's not even about the big money or the many orders. He is a legend and I was able to touch him, it is a great honor for me."

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