Drew Barrymore Launches Blue Light Glasses to Promote Self-Care


Drew Barrymore is adding a line of stylish spectacles that also promote self-care.

The 45-year-old actress talked to PEOPLE about her Blue Light collection, a part of her existing Flower Eyewear brand, that features seven styles with yellow-tinted lenses that help absorb blue light from screens.

She said the idea was inspired by the fact that our society is constantly glued to our screens.

“I wish people were going to be on their screens less, but my prediction is that they will not be,” she revealed to the publication.

“We’ve been in that category now with Flower for several years and I didn’t even need glasses when I started it. Now I need them because 40 is different than 45 and I loved designing them. 40 to 45, I have to start caring about wellness in a whole new way. So if there’s something we can do to protect ourselves, wellness and eyewear is such a fun story for me.”

Barrymore has been promoting the collection on her Instagram. It’s available for purchase exclusively at Walmart, which means not only are you getting glasses that protect your eyesight but also ones that won't break the bank!

Barrymore also revealed that the glasses can be purchased without a prescription so anyone can wear them and reap the benefits which include "reducing fatigue, blocking ultra-violet rays and 40% of blue light rays that come from the screens we all know and love,” she said in an Instagram post.

Part of Barrymore’s wellness journey also includes finding balance, which she said is the reason she brought her kids to the event.

“I never usually have my kids come to an event because I’m very private about them, but I’m in a testing phase right now,” Barrymore said. “That’s a moment where I’m like, do I have balance? Am I doing all things wrong? I think it is healthy to question everything, but try to come up with some answers. Don’t stay in question phase, answer it. That is balance.”

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