‘DWTS’ Dancer Cheryl Burke Was ‘Hurt’ After Hearing Tom Bergeron Was Being Replaced


“Dancing With The Stars” is about to return to our TV screens, and with that comes several changes fans will notice.

Cheryl Burke, one of the dancers, is now speaking out about the many changes for the upcoming season. The dancer, who has been with the dancing competition on and off since nearly the beginning, told TV Insider that she did feel hurt after finding out that Tom Bergeron was getting replaced.

The professional dancer explained how her feelings on the former host have nothing to do with the show. She then said that Bergeron is her family, and she would be lying if she said that “change is great.”

“This really hurt me,” Burke added. "My heart dropped when I heard [Tom was leaving]. And I’m not one to be shocked about anything that happens on this show.”

Burke continued to say that she talks to Bergeron often and that he was a part of her wedding. She said that before the show, she and Tom would have conversations and laughs before setting foot on stage to perform. With the many memories, she said she is going to really miss him.

“My heart still hurts,” she said. It’s weird not to hear his voice.”

However, she is keeping a positive attitude as Tyra Banks steps in to host the show. On her excitement to see Banks host, Burke said that she is rooting for her and that she thinks Banks will do well.

With Bergeron leaving, the former host is also joking about the situation.

After his unceremonious exit from “Dancing with the Stars” earlier this summer, Bergeron decided to update his Twitter bio this week by changing it to “Former Co-Host of ‘Footwork With the Famous,.”

The 65-year-old then mocked a newly released poster promoting the show’s upcoming season with Banks.

Bergeron tweeted his version of the poster, which finds him holding up a small mirrored disco ball to his lips. “This Just In: National Association of Lip Safety cautions against applying multiple small mirrors on mouth,” he captioned the snap. “One bad chew and it’s 7 years of bad luck.”

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