WATCH: 10-year old wakes up in middle of night to comfort restless baby brother


The internet is in love with an adorable video showing a 10-year-old as he comforts his 18-month-old brother.

Gloria McIntosh, the mother, recently shared the video that gained over a million views, Blavity reported.

“The baby woke up in the middle of the night,” McIntosh wrote on her TikTok video. “I heard him fussing, so I just checked the camera to see if he would just fall back asleep and saw his brother showing the best example of love and patience.”

In the adorable video, Mason McIntosh can be seen awake at 3 a.m., trying to comfort his little brother, Greyson, so the baby can go back to sleep.

The story becomes more heartwarming when the children’s mother watched the adorable scene from her bedroom. The mother wanted to post the video as a way to appreciate her son Mason.

“He stayed with him for almost 30 minutes, trying to get him back to sleep. I eventually came in and got the baby and asked my son why he didn’t just come and get me,” she wrote.

Gloria explained the explanation her son gave — he wanted his mother to rest.

“While parenting is not his responsibility, just the fact that he understood that he is his brother’s keeper, and considered my long day as a mom, is much appreciated,” she said.

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