Pepsi Unveils Engagement Ring Made From Crystal Pepsi


You will soon be able to soda pop the question.

Pepsi is offering up a wannabe bride or groom the chance to propose by giving away a diamond engagement ring that is actually made from Crystal Pepsi.

Entitled the Pepsi Engagement Ring, the carbonated bling was created by boiling down the brand’s infamous transparent cola to a powder that was then added to the process of forming a lab-grown diamond.

Apparently, the entire process results in a gem that looks exactly like those typically found in diamond mines. Refreshing and effervescent!

“How do you make your passion clear to the one you love most?,” the company said in a promotional video. “You could propose with the thing you love most: Pepsi.”

The clip ends with the tagline, “A ring with taste.”

In order to score the $3000 accessory, the beverage brand is conducting a Pepsi Proposal contest and asking fans to tweet their most creative or bizarre ways to ask someone to marry them.

Lovebirds should include Pepsi’s Twitter handle and the hashtags  #PepsiProposal, and #Contest. Each entry is allowed to submit up to four photos and one video up to 30 seconds long.

Fans have until March 6th to tweet their wild answers and a winner will be chosen by March 20th, which happens to be National Proposal Day.

The responses have been pouring in with many people showing off their funny and romantic sides.

“It will be at a five star establishment. I'll slip the ring into a flute, filled with Crystal Pepsi,” wrote one Twitter user.

“I’d hide the ring at the bottom of a Pepsi can and hope they found it without choking!,” joked another.

“Soda you want to marry me?” a third added by making a pun.

For those that remember, Crystal Pepsi was initially launched in 1992 and had a short life before being discontinued in 1994.

The brand has reintroduced it several times in the last few years for limited runs.

Crystal Pepsi is supposed to taste like regular Pepsi, but just without any caramel color.

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