Ja Rule Wants to ‘Break the Internet’ and Battle 50 Cent on Instagram Live

The feud continues into another decade

On Saturday during another installment of the Fat Joe Show, the rapper himself accompanied by Swizz Beatz went Live on Instagram, as is the new norm. The two were discussing Ja Rule’s love for Hip Hop culture, when Joe put the Queens rapper on speakerphone to let it be known that he is ready to battle 50 Cent.

“I want all the smoke, but I’ll behave” Ja said. Swizz picks up on the tone and adds, “that sounds like a devilish behave.”

For those who might not know Ja Rule and 50 Cent have been feuding since the late 90s. Their beef began in 1999 when Ja Rule was robbed at gunpoint for his chain in Southside Jamaica. 50 later alleged that Ja spotted him out at the club with the culprit who stole his chain. Ja later confirmed the robbery, however denied seeing the two together.

Over the last ten years the two have gone back and forth with twitter wars, diss tracks, and relentless comebacks; all culminating to this. Ja Rule challenging long time rival 50 Cent to a rap battle that he says will definitely “break the internet."

During the live, Fat Joe reiterated, “Ja Rule is saying he loves Hip Hop, first and foremost, an he wants to do this for the culture,” before adding “Jesus Christ, Ja Rule, c’mon man. You guys want smoke for real.”

Swizz automatically picked up the opportunity of this potential drama asking Ja to “send me the 20,” meaning, get his 20 songs ready for the next #Verzuz battle; a series of battles curated by Swiss Beatz and artist/producer Timbaland.

The live battle between the two would surely be on for the books considering they both have an extensive catalog of work, featuring some of the greatest and most memorable Hip Hop and R&B hits.

50 responded to the battle request in true 50 Cent form, with a meme on Twitter.

Ja you’re up next. I guess for now this battle will remain on the Internet, instead of breaking it.

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