Zac Efron to star in remake of Stephen King's 'Firestarter'


Zac Efron is plotting his return to the big screen.

After launching his Netflix docuseries "Down to Earth with Zac Efron," the actor has now secured a role in the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's "Firestarter."

Not only is "Firestarter" celebrating its 40th anniversary of being published today, but King’s brand has been highly sought after ever since the success of 2017’s “It.”

Per a press release from Universal Pictures, the 32-year-old actor signed on for the remake of the sci-fi thriller by Blumhouse, the production studio behind "The Craft" sequel.

While a specific role isn’t mentioned, CinemaBlend notes that it’s very likely he’ll be playing Andrew McGee, a young father who goes on the run with his gifted daughter to escape a government agency called “The Shop.”

In King’s novel, Andrew and his future wife, Vicky, meet in college where they are both enrolled in a shady experiment involving a chemical called LOT-6, which left most in the trial with horrific side effects. However, Andrew and Vicky luck out and develop psychic abilities. Andrew can bend people to his will, while she can read people’s minds.

Years after the experiment ends, they welcome a daughter, Charlie, who also possesses powers of pyrokinesis (making objects catch on fire). This makes Charlie not only very dangerous but very wanted, so Andrew and Vicky do their best to keep her abilities a secret until eventually, the government gets wind of it.

The first movie adaptation in 1984 starred David Keith as Andrew, Heather Locklear as Vicky, and a young Drew Barrymore as Charlie, which sets a high bar for the role in the center of the upcoming film.

Up-and-coming filmmaker, Keith Thomas, is set to direct the remake with the screenplay being written by “Halloween Kills” co-writer Scott Teems.

This isn’t the only '80s remake Efron is reportedly set to star in. In early August, it was announced that he would be involved in the reboot of “Three Men And a Baby,” though it’s not clear which project will be produced first.

The 1987 film, which was a remake of a French movie, starred Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson as three bachelors who have to come up with a plan when a baby arrives on their doorstep.

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