Young Drummer Crushes Fall Out Boy Cover on 'America's Got Talent'

This kid is going places...

"Jacob Velazquez is achieving greatness by making his dreams come true," reads the America’s Got Talent video description – and after watching him open up with an original song on piano, then take on Fall Out Boy's "Centuries" on drums, you’ll want to start creating a vision board of your very own.

At the beginning of the AGT audition clip, 12-year-old Velazquez explains that living with a pervasive developmental disorder similar to Asperger syndrome isn’t going to stop him from achieving great heights. With a ton of practice, and the drive to always be better, Jacob proves anything is possible.

Seated at a piano for the first part of his audition, Jacob gave a nod to his family before jumping into his own beautifully composed song. Then, with a sly look at the judges who had no idea what was coming next, he disappeared behind a curtain and exploded into his drum cover of the Fall Out Boy classic, "Centuries."

"I want to be on America’s Got Talent to show people that just because you have some kind of disability or some kind of diagnosis doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of great things," Velazquez told the judges.

Jacob’s audition originally aired on June 30, 2020 for the show’s 15th season.

Watch below. The drums and finger spins aplenty kick in around 4:15!

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