‘Fraggle Rock’ Reboot Series Launches on Apple TV+


Dance your cares away because "Fraggle Rock" is back.

The beloved ‘80s children’s series has been rebooted on AppleTV+ with a collection of new mini-episodes entitled “Fraggle Rock: Rock On!,” according to Deadline.

Each episode is between three and five minutes long and features the show’s classic Muppet characters of Gobo, Red, Boober, Mokey, Wembley, and Uncle Traveling Matt.

In keeping with stay-at-home orders, each short is being shot on an iPhone 11 from the homes of the production team and artists from around the country.

The series is being produced by The Jim Henson Company and focuses on staying connected with friends amid social distancing protocols.

“While the Fraggles might be in different parts of the Fraggle Rock caves, they can still find ways to have fun together, with music, silliness, special guests, and of course the help of devices created by the industrious Doozers — lovingly called the Doozertubes!,” the company said in a press release.

As if things couldn’t get any better, fans won’t have to wait for the reboot as the streaming channel has already made the first episode, "Shine On," available for free.

Apple TV+ will continue to offer new free episodes of “Fraggle Rock: Rock On!” every Tuesday.

The original “Fraggle Rock” premiered on HBO in 1983 and aired for five seasons, before signing off in 1987.

In 2016, new remastered versions of original episodes began airing on the pay cable network.

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