Doritos Unveils Tangy Pickle-Flavored Chips


It’s a dill-icious and glorious day for pickle lovers because pickle-flavored Doritos have made their way to the U.S.

The chips are available in stores across the country for a limited time, reports USA Today.

A version of the chips has been spotted on shelves in Dollar General, according to Instagram account @TheImpulsiveBuy.

The Doritos Tangy Pickle chips are packaged in a bright green bag, with the “i” in “pickle” replaced by a lightning bolt to suggest a tangy, pickle-y flavor.

Doritos previously had a similar version of the flavor dubbed “Intense Pickle” that was only available in Canada.

With so much love for the pickle, it’s surprising it took the brand this long to bring the flavor stateside.

While this is Doritos’ first foray into the pickle flavor, Lay’s has several flavors including a basic dill pickle flavored potato chip, fried pickles with ranch flavor that’s available for a limited time, and a flamin’ hot dill pickle chip.

Oreo cookies can’t even be spared from the pickle craze.

Christopher Beers, the owner of Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop, a small bakery chain in Ohio and Pennsylvania, made a Dill Pickle Oreo by putting a thinly sliced pickle on top of the crème filling sandwiched between two cookie pieces.

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