Pringles Debuts Limited-Edition 'Chicken & Waffles' Chips


Pringles, the brand that has always embraced new and unique chip flavors, is offering up some comfort food amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Their latest flavor, Chicken & Waffles, is a whole meal in one bite.

Chip lovers began spotting the sweet-and-savory item at Dollar General stores.

Instagram user @carbconnoissuer noted that the the flavor is “exclusive” to the wallet-friendly franchise.

The packaging on the orange-yellow can also indicates that the chips won’t be around for long.

If you want to get your hands on these “limited edition” chips, you have to act fast.

The user gave the chips a taste-test and described them as having a “a very faint smell of maple syrup, and they have a very dull chicken flavor to them.”

It seems as though the chip leans heavier into the chicken aspect of the meal, so if you were hoping for a bit of sweetness to kick in, you may be out of luck.

Instagram user @candyhunting revealed the chips are retailing for $1.50.

The Southern brunch specialty might seem like an unlikely flavor, but Pringles isn’t the only one giving it a chance. Lay’s also brought back their Chicken and Waffles chips at Kroger stores earlier this month, according to Yahoo.

Pringles is known for releasing wacky flavors that have raised an eyebrow or two as limited-edition offerings. Some of their more interesting flavors include Ramen, White Chocolate Peppermint, Pecan Pie, Cinnamon Sugar Tortillas, and Wasabi & Soy Sauce.

In November, the brand also embraced the holiday festivities and launched a stackable trio of turducken-flavored chips.

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