Stunning New Images of the Sun Show How Scary It Looks Up Close


Did you ever wonder how it would look to be up close to the sun?

According to CBS News, NASA released the closest pictures ever taken of the sun's surface. Some may say the images show how terrifying its structure looks up close.

"These unprecedented pictures of the sun are the closest we have ever obtained," Holly Gilbert, a NASA scientist who worked on the project, said. "[They] will help scientists piece together the sun's atmospheric layers, which is important for understanding how it drives space weather near the Earth and throughout the solar system."

GREGOR, a telescope operated by a team of German scientists at the Teide Observatory in Spain, took the never-before-seen images that showed the sun's structure.

The new observation allows scientists to study turbulence, solar eruptions, convection, and magnetic fields in greater detail. In the photo, you will be able to see lava-like swirls of scalding-hot hydrogen.

Scientists explained that the pictures show weird little flares dotted around the surface that they have called "campfires."

"The campfires we are talking about here are the little nephews of solar flares, at least a million, perhaps a billion times smaller," principal investigator David Berghmans said. "When looking at the new high resolution EUI images, they are literally everywhere we look."

NASA said that the organization is not clear what the campfires are yet.

When scientists captured the photo, they used an advanced remote-sensing telescope with a high-resolution camera.

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