Most likely to be rich and famous if born in January…

Check out the big name celebrities with January birthdays

I was watching a clip from The Ellen Show this week and she was talking about her birthday (She likes to celebrate her birthday all me!) and she mentioned that a lot of rich and famous people were born mid-January to mid-February (Aquarius). I did a little digging-thanks to Google- and WOW this list is a who's who of RICH & FAMOUS! Check it out:

The Rich and/or Famous or both, born in January/February (a lot of Aquarians here...). Must be something in the water! (See what I did there?)

Bradley Cooper 
Benjamin Franklin
Alexander Hamilton
Dolly Parton 
Kid Rock 
Martin Luther King Jr. 
Jason Bateman
Kevin Costner
Michelle Obama
Kerry Washington
Charles Dickens
Ronald Reagan
Lin-Manuel Miranda
Steve Harvey
Dwayne Wade
Alice Cooper
Michael Jordan
John McEnroe
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Thomas Edison
Jim Carrey 
Burt Reynolds 
Abraham Lincoln
Betty White
Drew Brees
Justin Timberlake
Stephen Hawking
Paul Newman
Clark Gable
Ellen Degeneres
Charlie Wilson
Tom Selleck
Muhammad Ali 
Al Capone
Elvis Presley 
Richard Nixon
Jennifer Anniston
Phil Collins
Charles Darwin
Edgar Allan Poe
James Dean
Kate Middleton (Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge)
Buzz Aldrin
Eli Manning
Oprah Winfrey

Plus Ron Olson from the morning show and ME! Happy Birthday!

Here's the article Ellen was talking about Babies born in January and February are most likely to be rich and famous.