Rescue dog blinded by previous owners receives $12k in donations after one day


One adorable pooch in California is stealing hearts all over the world.

A 3-year-old rescue dog named Louis has received an outpouring of support after he was blinded by his previous owners.

Helen Woodward Animal Center, based out of Rancho Santa Fe, raised over $12,000 in only 24 hours from people hoping to give the blind dog a second chance.

Louis’ previous owners removed his eyes instead of treating them with antibiotics after noticing a serious eye infection, according to People Magazine. Unable to care for a blind pet, the previous owners surrendered the Lab/shepherd mix to the pound.

"The hundreds of calls and emails coming into the Center from across the country are full of heartbreak and anger, and questions about the prosecution of the former owners," the center shared in a statement.

The shelter stated that as with many rescue animals, there is no way to access his past history and put all of the pieces together.

"Medical checks, however, reveal a broken leg that was not treated, and formerly, severely infected eyes that were eventually removed," the animal center added. "Louis' leg has received surgery and he is adapting to a life without sight, but both conditions reveal a past life of neglect and extreme mistreatment."

"Offers to sponsor his adoption, to sponsor his food, to sponsor muffin halos/bumper-collars/sonar-collars, to pay for his medical care, and more, are coming from across the country. The Beloved Foundation, in Greenville, South Carolina, has offered to cover a portion of Louis' aftercare," the Helen Woodward Animal Center said.

"Social media shares and emails filled with loving messages include people from states as far away as Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Washington D.C., New York, Texas, Montana, Kentucky, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina and from countries as far away as Spain, Panama, The Netherlands, Chile, and Canada."

Louis is currently available for adoption. To adopt Louis or for more information on Helen Woodward Animal Center, interested individuals can fill out an application at, or call 858-756-4117

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