Kyle, Hailey top list of 'clumsiest names' in America


A name can tell you a lot about a person.

Some names are a symbol of strength and courage, but according to lawsuit loan-funding service Uplift Legal Funding, other names can indicate who is more likely to be clumsy.

The firm analyzed internal data and compiled a list of the most common names for accidents including personal injury claims involving slips, trips, and falls.

So, which names have to be extra careful?

Kyle topped the list for males, while Hailey took the top spot for females.

Other names on the male list include Blake, Brian, Ryan, Daniel, Mark, Bob, Samuel, William, and James.

The female list includes Taylor, Linda, Barbara, Kimberly, Mary, Angela, Deborah, Gabrielle, and Louise.

The company also found that women are 37% more likely to suffer an injury due to falling over. Men, on the other hand, are 23% more likely to have an accident at home.

Uplift Legal Funding owner Jared Stern wrote: "Names are an important aspect of our lives, whether we’re deciding what to name a new addition or dealing with a name given to us — they’re a huge deal.”

He added: "There’s even science out there to suggest that our names can have an impact on our lives, with the power to affect our personalities and even our physicality. With this link between us as people and the names we are given, we thought that it would be interesting to take our data and find out which names are associated with those who are more accident-prone."

However, he noted that the findings should be taken with a grain of salt.

“I hope for all the Kyles and Haileys out there, the research isn’t completely accurate,” he joked.

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