7-year-old pit bull adopted after spending 216 days in animal shelter


An adorable pit bull got an early Christmas gift.

After spending 216 days at a Florida animal shelter, Tonka the pit bull was adopted at the end of last month, reported People.

Five days short of breaking the record for Orange County Animal Services’ longest shelter stay, Wilfredo Vega adopted the lovable canine.

In April, Tonka was abandoned by his previous owner, the shelter said. Over the course of seven months, he was adopted twice and promptly returned.

Orange County Animal Services shared Tonka’s story on Facebook in hopes of finding the pit bull mix a forever home.

The heartbreaking notice got the attention of Vega, a 46-year-old father of four, who promptly inquired about adopting the abandoned pooch.

Vega had spent the last several months dealing with the loss of his mother to coronavirus in May.

“I didn’t even want to celebrate the holidays, because everything reminds me of her,” Vega told Spectrum News.

But upon hearing Tonka’s story, he was inspired to “do the right thing.”

While they had trouble initially connecting, Vega and Tonka have since established a strong bond.

“He’s been phenomenal,” Vega said. “I think everything’s going to work out great.”

Tonka has also helped bring out the holiday spirit in Vega.

“I'm definitely going to be putting up my Christmas tree,” the auto repair shop owner added. “I'm definitely going to spend time with the family for the holidays. So, he's helping me just as much as I'm helping him.”

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