Popeyes announces the addition of chocolate beignets to the menu nationwide

The "New Orleans-style" fried pastries are now available at all Popeyes locations
Photo credit gwenael le vot

Popeyes started a fast food revolution in 2019, beginning the chicken sandwich wars when they launched their viral menu item. Now, the fast food chain is hoping to shake things up once again with their latest menu addition. Popeyes announced this week that starting Monday, chocolate beignets have been added to the menu nationwide.

The "New Orleans-style" fried pastries are stuffed with melted Hershey's chocolate and doused in powdered sugar. The item, which received strong reviews when tested in Boston and Baltimore back in October, will only be available while supplies last. Popeyes’ beignets come in sizes of three, six, or 12 for $1.99, $3.99 and $7.49, respectively.

Knowing the potential messiness of their chocolate and powdered sugar covered beignets may be Popeyes is also selling a "Beignet Camo" black hoodie that’s decorated with white splotches that look like splashes of powdered sugar. Hopefully this new item doesn’t cause the same violent reaction the last one did.