WATCH: 7-foot-tall kangaroo flexes abs in showdown with barking dog


This kangaroo is #bodygoals.

An altercation in Australia between a small dog and a 7-foot kangaroo turned into a thirst trap after the marsupial decided to flaunt his rippling abdominals.

In a video shared by the New York Post, an adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel can be seen barking at the kangaroo, named Big Jake, who was trying to come into the dog owner’s property.

“Big Jake was trying to jump over the fence to eat the green grass on our lawn and our little cavalier dog, George, was having none of it. This was his territory,” said Jessica Scrivens, the pup’s owner, according to Yahoo! Entertainment.

While the feisty pooch kept barking, Big Jake stood his ground and began flaunting his six-pack and rubbing one of his forelimbs against his chest.

Despite the intimidation tactic, George never backed down or looked away.

“We were worried when Big Jake beat his chest,” Scrivens continued. “This is a challenge for battle, but little George stood his ground and the kangaroo backed off.”

While George may have won the standoff, Big Jake - and his action hero bod - may have a bright future should a live-action sequel to the 2003 hit film “Kangaroo Jack” ever get made.

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