This Blink-182 and Dunkin Connection Makes Perfect Sense

Don't waste, your time, on regular coffee, pumpkin spice is already in my glass

Dunkin’s latest Blink-182 seasonal menu reference is making fans wish it never ends. The restaurant in gearing up for fall with new promotional posters referencing one of the band’s most iconic lyrics. They seemed to take notice in a recent Instagram post.

“we 👀 you @dunkin,” the group captioned in their Wednesday post. Featured on the poster are assorted pastries and different iterations of the seasonal zeitgeist, pumpkin spice lattes. If you’re not familiar with the annual “Pumpkin Spice Season,” here’s a quick overview; companies flavor food items with pumpkin resulting in a consensus online freak out.

Witness these "spicers" in their natural habitat, Twitter, gushing over the orange delicacy.

TikTok user @melton.alexander took his hybrid pumpkin spice/blink-182 obsession to a whole other level. He recorded a “All The Small Things” parody that combines his two loves in this world. The video has probably reached far over 26,000 spins before this sentence ends.

Blink-182 has been hard at work making new music and engaging with fans during the coronavirus pandemic. Mark Hoppus took to Instagram Live, sporting shades and a sun hat, to rank some of the band’s best tracks and provide details on the upcoming EP.

“We’re working on it today,” he said. “Matt is going back into the studio with John today to work on new songs. I think we have a track listing, we still need to finish these songs [and] get them mixed. We’re a ways away still, but we are working on it.”

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