EXCLUSIVE: BTS Previews Their Hair and Music for the Next 7 Years

The group gives us a hilarious look at what to expect

How has BTS changed over the seven years since their debut? The group just released their album, Map Of The Soul: 7, celebrating the first seven years together for the seven members. Once again it instantly rocketed to the top of the Billboard chart, making it the group’s fourth in a row to land at number one. It quickly became one of the biggest releases of 2020, and it is now the bestselling album in the history of South Korea.

So, what’s the biggest difference for BTS?

“Busier” Jimin tells RADIO.COM in the exclusive interview above. They all laugh, as they add that their trademark “We are, BTS!” greeting has “a little bit less oomph behind it,” now that the years have stacked up. But then RM rallies them, and they deliver a “BTS!” with passion.

As the world finds itself it troubling times, we turn our lonely eyes to BTS. They have become a global phenomenon because their sound and attitude have proven to break down any barrier. As concerns elevate every day, we could all use some of the joy and positivity that has made BTS one of the biggest bands in the world.

Above, the group looks back at what led to their latest number one album, Map Of The Soul: 7, and offers a hilarious preview of what the next seven years might bring.

“We don’t look back, we just look front,” demands RM, shaking his hand no as Jimin covers his eyes beside him. It’s become all about the music for BTS, and of course the ARMY – both which fuel each bold step forward for the group. It would be easy to sit back and bask in the achievements of the past two years, with each release and tour stop seemingly vaulting them into yet another unthinkable level, but these seven artists remain focused on the future.

So with seven down, what can we expect for the next seven years of BTS?

“You’ll probably be able to see us losing our hair a little bit,” laughs Jin. “Me, personally, my family, I have a full head of hair," he says stroking his hair as the others laugh. "So I think I’m good.”

For much more from BTS, check out the full video above.

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