HOME SCHOOLED: Echosmith's Sydney Sierota Has 3 Easy Tips for Staying Positive and Productive

See how she’s keeping it together while social distancing

Sydney Sierota of Echosmith is home and safe during this time of social distancing, and she’s picked up a few tips to keep being one of the "Cool Kids" during this crisis.

The singer sent us this exclusive video above, as part of our “Home Schooled” series, as artists everywhere have been sharing what they’ve learned during their time at home, staying safe and healthy. For Sydney, there’s three easy steps to staying positive and productive.

“Number one, it sounds weird and it doesn’t sound that fun, but, I recommend making your bed,” she says as her eyes get big and bright. “I know. I know.”

“If you do that than you’re starting your day off right and you’re starting your day off with something that you accomplished. Something that you actually did and finished.”

Number two is much more fun, as Sydney suggests we binge-watch The Office.

“That’s a nice way to kind of balance us out after hearing a lot of sad things on the news.”

Agreed. It’s always left us satisfied. That’s what she said.

Number three. You have to get moving.

“Do anything that involves moving your body,” she exclaims, suggesting a walk or a YouTube class. “It feels really good to get your body going after sitting at home all day.”

That’s all great advice from the singer, who is doing her part to help flatten the curve, by washing her hands, staying home, and staying healthy.

Lonely Generation is the latest album from Echosmith, and it’s now available everywhere.

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