Is It Safe to Try On Clothes While Shopping During the Coronavirus Pandemic?


While many of us continue to social distance, some of us may be wanting to head back to the store to buy some clothes. As retail stores reopen their doors, shopping is going to look very different.

When it comes to shopping for new looks, trying on clothes in the fitting room is a must. But, is it safe to go and try on some clothes during the coronavirus pandemic?

Some big retailers, including Macy's and Nordstrom, have shared details on how its stories will keep fitting rooms clean and safe, reported Today.

Nordstrom, which has reopened 35 stores across the country, has been keeping some fitting rooms closed to ensure people are social distancing. Employees will clean fitting rooms between each use.

After a customer tries something on and doesn't buy the item, it will be put on hold for cleaning before an employee returns the product to the sales floor.

Jamie Nordstrom, president of stores for Nordstrom, said that stickers on the ground, signs, and employees would help customers and keep them safe while shopping.

"The most important person is that greeter at the door who explains to the customer what's going on, what they can expect," Nordstrom said.

As Macy's stores gradually reopen, the company said it would also keep some changing rooms closed. Employees will hold items that were put on or returned for 24 hours before putting them back on the sales floor.

Gap reported that it is reopening most of its fitting rooms.

As shopping across some states resumes, including in Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Florida, malls and stores are enforcing safety measures as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Simon Property, the largest mall operator in the country, told store owners that entrances to its malls would be regulated.

When a customer walks through the mall, they will receive free "sanitizing wipe packets with masks" to people who request them. As for eating at the food court, seating will be reduced and reusable trays, utensils, and cups will no longer be available.

If you need to go to the bathroom while shopping, you will find every other sink and urinal will be taped off. Play areas, drinking fountains, and stroller and valet stations will be temporarily closed.

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