Megan Thee Stallion's face getting her COVID-19 test is all of us

Getting tested is real Hot Girl s***
Megan Thee Stallion
Photo credit Getty Images

Hey Hot Girls! It’s cool to get a COVID test, and while Megan Thee Stallion’s face might look funny, she’s taking testing seriously.

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The “Body” rapper took to Instagram to show off her COVID-testing game face and it was relatable AF. As Meg and her manager, Farris, engage in nasal swab PCR tests, the artist’s face scrunches up as the swab is inserted into her nose. Alongside the Instagram videos she writes, “We take covid test every 3 got damn days and I’m STILL not comfortable with this s***…Farris be taking it like a G.”

The point is, even though our favorite Hot Girl is not a fan of the testing process she is taking it seriously to ensure her health and the health of those around her. Plus her videos prove that the “brain swab” test isn’t really that difficult to get through.

Alonzo Arnold commented on Meg’s post, “Got dayum she went to your brain didn’t she?” And Meg cheekily responded, “b**** in my thoughts!!!”

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As of late, TikTokers, celebrities, and fans around the world have been doing their best rendition of Meg’s “bodyody challenge,” but maybe now we’ll see a new COVID test face challenge emerge.

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