Teen jailed for breaching quarantine in Cayman Islands: 'I deserved it'


Skylar Mack is speaking out after being arrested and jailed in the Cayman Islands for breaching quarantine after she traveled there to watch her boyfriend race.

Mack, 18, of Loganville Georgia and her boyfriend, Vanjae Ramgeet, 24, were released from prison in the Cayman Islands on January 15th after traveling there for a jet-ski racing event.

Mack arrived on the island on November 27 and was required to quarantine for 14 days before partaking in any activities outside of where she was staying. Instead, she removed her geo-fencing bracelet to attend the event.

Mack was detained at the scene where she was found not wearing a mask or practicing social distancing despite coronavirus-induced guidelines.

In an interview with ABC News, Mack said, "The anger, the disappointment - it's all justified. I deserved it. I was like, 'You know what? I made this mistake, and it sucks, but you did it to yourself.'"

Mack and Ramgeet were sentenced to four months in prison. They were released after having their sentence reduced to two months and the pair served approximately one month, People reports.

When asked if she knew she was breaking the law by removing her geo-fencing bracelet, Mack said, "I can't give you a good reason for it."

Mack admitted that had she gotten someone sick from her quarantine breach, she would have "never been able to live with myself." She continued, "Knowing that I could have been the reason that somebody could even just been sick eats me up."

Ramgeet was charged with aiding and abetting his girlfriend. They were placed in a government facility for a 14-day quarantine and ultimately pleaded guilty to the offenses.

"It was a selfish decision," Mack says of the incident. "There's no reason that I could give you to grant me a second chance. I don't expect anybody to ever forgive me. But I would like for them to at least let me be able to show them that I did learn from it."

Initially told to pay a $2,600 fine and do 40 hours of community service, the island's Director of Public Prosecutions, Patrick Moran, decided on a heftier sentence of four months behind bars.

Their sentences were then dropped to two months each with the help of their attorneys.

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