Kehlani lends Victoria Monét a hand on sultry ‘Touch Me’ remix

Listen to the flirty duet now

If only you could see our face right now, because we. are. blushing. Why you ask? Have you listened to Victoria Monét’s “Touch Me” remix featuring Kehlani yet? If the answer is yes, then you know why. If the answer is no, then we have a follow up question - what is wrong with you?

The reimagined duet comes just two months after the drop of Victoria’s provocatively polished EP, Jaguar. The track reminisces on a romantic tryst that takes place in a car, “went from hands on the wheel to hands on my thigh / To hands on my body in the back of the Porsche,” Monét sings. Just like it’s OG version, the remix is dripping with passion, only now with the sensual offerings of Kehlani. And it is everything.

As Victoria persists with her silky recollections of yearning for a past love, Kehlani details the love interest's side of things. Singing, “you begging me to make a move, I'm begging for a sip of juice, you bear my favorite kind of fruit, you're my favorite kind of muse.” As their voices flow back and forth, painting a picture of two lovers reunited.

Ughh, I mean…

What makes this sexy, sultry, flirty track even better (if that’s even possible), is that once upon a time there were rumors, that at one point these lovely ladies were more than friends. Even though neither has confirmed this to be true, neither has also yet to deny.

And as if we weren’t already loosing it, besides dropping the song Victoria also tweeted, “It feels so nice to finally have music WITH you and not just about you lmao.” Ahhh we’re actually screaming!

If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and listen to Monét and Kehlani’s “Touch Me” remix above. And if you already have, then you probably want to listen to it again.

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