1Thing: How Dua Lipa, Dustin Lynch, and Theory of a Deadman Are Saving the Planet for Valentine’s Day

Our favorite artists reveal their plans

The stars are in love with the environment this Valentine’s Day.

We caught up with our favorite artists to see the 1Thing they’re doing to save the planet in February.

Dua Lipa isn’t folding, even for an amazingly well-mixed drink.

“Bring your own glass straw to that really cute date when you’re drinking that cocktail,” she says with a smile, aware of the harm that plastic straws can have on the environment.

Theory of a Deadman lead singer Tyler Connolly was all too quick to chime in.

“I’m gonna have a sweet and amazing Valentine’s Day by staying away from ruining any woman’s night,” he said.

Thanks for the info but that wasn’t the question Tyler!

“I feel so bad for all the flowers,” he says, getting serious, “because they get thrown out the next day when you don’t call them.”

Sigh. Close enough.

For country star Dustin Lynch, the holiday is all the experience.

Rather than “blowing money on a gift that sits on the counter,” Lynch said it’s all about “gifting experiences in life.”

“For me and my girl Kelly, we love being outdoors, we love hiking, and we love exploring,” Lynch said. “So anything in nature I think is a lot better choice than some object that’s gonna sit on a shelf and collect dust.”

John K is taking the romantic holiday into his own hands with a DIY project.

“I’m gonna make my wife a card,” he says.

“I’m gonna make one,” he continues. “I’m gonna personalize it. It’s gonna have terrible handwriting. And it’s gonna be really, really special.”

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