Chris Woodward Addresses The Mike Minor Trade Rumors & Willie Calhoun's Demotion

By 105.3 The Fan
DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - Rangers manager Chris Woodward joined the GBAG Nation Wednesday to discuss the latest with the team. 
Woodward addressed the team's controversial decision to option Willie Calhoun to Triple-A Nashville and touched on Jon Morosi's report that left-hander Mike Minor is 'increasingly likely to be traded.'
On Calhoun getting demoted:

"We considered a lot of different options. It honestly came down to a numbers game in the outfield. I don't want to send Willie Calhoun down. I think he's been tremendous for us. I think he's done a great job ever since we got him. At the time we called him up we were five games under .500 and we are where we are now and he's a big part of that. 

"It wasn't an easy decision. We knew no matter what decision we made that it was going to be a really tough conversation. It was a gut-wrenching decision for us, especially for me as a manager. It wasn't a fun day to have to send a guy down that I felt like didn't necessarily deserve to be sent down. I told him he'd be back soon and we're going to do everything we can to get him back here as quickly as possible."

On the Mike Minor trade rumors:

"I'm not shy about bringing up the obvious to our team. It's the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about. You kind of address it and say we have a couple ways we can deal with this.

"It's something we have to deal with every year, so why are we throwing our arms up and are surprised by it because it happens on every team whether you're contending or not contending. Either you're upset you didn't add or you're upset you traded. It's a part of the game and a big part of the industry. Teams have made a lot of quality trades over the years that provided a lot of value later on. 

"With my team, we'll say, this is a reality and what could potentially happen. Out of everybody here, someone may not be here at the end of this month. That's just the reality, but we still have to go out there and compete each pitch with the intent to win. That's all we can do."

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