Cowboys Praise Dak, Pledge To Sign Future Long-Term Deal

FRISCO (105.3 The Fan) - Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on Wednesday addressed for the first time the failed contract negotiations with Dak Prescott - and the franchise's long-term commitment to the quarterback. 

"We think he's outstanding,'' Jerry Jones said, calling the 27-year-old one of the finest young men he knows. "We think he's our quarterback of the future."  

Added COO Stephen Jones: "The virus .. which affects revenue, which affects the cap, that was a challenge. .. (And) the term of the deal was a big part of this.  

"But it doesn't change what we think of Dak. .. I'm more convinced than ever we'll get it done."

These remarks, part of the Cowboys official "opening of training camp'' complete with the traditional "State of the Union'' address (virtually, this time) with - are meant to calm those in Cowboys Nation who are concerned about any lingering unhappiness on the part of Prescott ... or for that matter, on the part of the organization.

Prescott seems at peace with himself, even with the personal strife (the well-documented 2013 death of his mother, and this offseason, the passing of brother Jace) and the professional strife (his $31.409 million one-year franchise tag contract for 2020 is a "controversial'' one).

What didn't happen, of course, is even more peace: A long-term contract (like the one Dallas offered, a five-year deal worth about $35 million per) that would've allowed both parties to avoid this same franchise-tag dance a year from now.

Nevertheless, Stephen said, "He's fired up about this team, this season and the future.''

Prescott himself told the media later Wednesday that he still wants "to be a Cowboy for life." And new coach Mike McCarthy's position is that Dak is "upbeat and driven.''

Prescott - unquestionably a leader by nature and a leader of this organization - is likely to issue powerful and positive proclamations on the 2020 Cowboys season. And then?

"We ultimately know,'' Stephen said, "that we're going to have to figure out how to get this done."